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Who talked about you on "Coast to Coast AM?"

March 1, 2008

"Coast to Coast AM" hosted by Ian Punnett

Interview with Mark Mathis, Executive Producer of "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed"

Mark Mathis: Well let’s talk about what has happened at Baylor University, a Christian University in Waco Texas. We’ve got a distinguished professor – a tenured distinguished professor, Robert Marks, who deals in high-level mathematics -the kind of stuff only a handful of people around the planet even understand. The head of his department didn’t understand Professor Marks’ work but once it was brought to his attention that Professor Marks’s work is associated and reveals a sympathy towards intelligent design, he immediately told Professor Marks to shut down his website that had this information on it.

Ian Punnett: What was the information about? Was it math that had to do with proving there was a God?

Mark Mathis: He had math which basically lead you to the conclusion that there is design in the universe.

Ian Punnett: Ok

Mark Mathis: so he is told to immediately shut this thing down which he didn’t so the University removed it from their servers and it’s not returned back to the servers there at Baylor University. The University never gave a coherent explanation as to why this was removed. They said it was because he didn’t follow proper procedures. But the amazing thing is they never produced any proper procedures to be followed. To this day they haven’t released any procedures and Professor Marks is never in his entire 30 years in Academia ever followed any procedures. He has other websites that don’t deal in this information. He didn’t follow any procedures for, and those websites are still on Baylor servers. It’s obvious. Baylor has to protect itself as a top-flight research institution by denying intelligent design.

Ian Punnett: They have a religious department don’t they? I think they would offer a discipline in religious studies or something?

Mark Mathis: This is one of the things that is used by Darwinis to minimize intelligent design theory which is a scientific theory.

Ian Punnett: Okay. Let me just put that back. Why couldn’t they move that page. Say, just look, that’s interesting but it points to the existence of a God so we’re going to put this page over in our religious department

Mark Mathis: Let me ask you this question, Ian. Why is it that only one side of this issue is treated with a religious ruler? Each side of this debate has an implication. So if there is design in the universe than the implication is there is a designer therefore it has a religious implication. And if there is not a designer in the universe then there is also a religious implication in that there is no God. Neither side escapes this philosophical baggage.. But what happens is the side that points towards there being a God is systematically or shunted over into the religious department and the other side is not. Both sides have these implications and why can’t we just look at the science of it? Let’s look at the science of intelligent design theory. If the science demonstrates that it is an intriguing valid theory, It should remain in the science department.

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