Best Pictures February 2009




Be of good cheer





Religon and Poly Ticks



















Rebels Without a Clue


































Best Audio Files


The “Old Philosopher” promotes a positive mental attitude.  This will crack you up!  In 1956, this made the the top 40.


Archie Campbell made an art of spoonerisms. “Beeping Sleuty” is a masterpiece. You will have to listen more than once.

... and there’s “Rinercella”


Verbal abuse of telemarketers.



Food for Thought






Fowl Pictures













Life in China












Just Weird





























Sign Language

































Sketch Marks













And You Think YOUR Job is Bad...






Nerd Humor (Nerds will laugh very hard at these)


















































Can you build this?  If so, why not?












Good Engineering:

Clever Ideas






Bad Engineering:

Designs That Aren’t Thought Out






















Too Many Cute Kitties













Nos Moking!








Do Snakes Sneeze?









More Watermelon




A Luxury Yacht Oddesy in Pictures



Discontinued Furniture Designs






Upside Down Faces Right Side Up


















East Asia: Lost in Translation









Why to Loose Weight Slowly




Can Elephants Jump?











Best Pictures February 2009



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