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What happened to your co-authors?

Here are some incredible stories...



Hal Phillip

H. Philipp and R.J. Marks II, "Microprocessor based light bridge sensors", Industrial Optical Sensing, SPIE vol.961, pp.28-34, 1988 (The Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, Bellingham, WA).

Hal went to England with his fetching wife, started a successful business, and sold it for $130 million. An incredible story [ article | cache ].

John Marshall

R.J. Marks II and John Marshall, "Message from CIFEr `96 General Chairs," Proceedings of the IEEE/IAFE 1996 International Conference on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering, March 24-26, 1996, New York City, p.vi.

Dr. Marshall, a retired professor at St. John’s University was accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission in March of passing inside information about a multibillion-dollar corporate takeover to a professor at Pace University. The Pace professor, Alan L. Tucker, made more than $1 million trading on the tips in 2007, according to the S.E.C. The Justice Department filed criminal charges. [ NY Times Article | cache ]  [ SEC Charges | cache ]. Marshall and Tucker were each ordered, jointly and severally, to forfeit $1,054,979, representing the illegal profits from Tucker's ISE trading. [ SEC Settlement | cache].

Gary Wise

Gary was jailed on charges of stalking, deadly conduct for man accused of firing at homes of former bosses [ Story | Cache] [ Another Version | Cache]

While in jail, he was charged with solicitation of capital murder [Story | Cache].

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